Floating Hands: Good Riddance

I never liked the idea of floating hands, and now that I’m no longer trying to get a dev kit from HTC/Valve (they expressed interest in mini-games with low replay value and minimal content, the opposite of what Dungeon Survival is aiming for), I’m doing away with them entirely in favor of the true-first-person I always intended to provide, and was going to end up being an option if floating-hands had stayed.

With an inverse kinematic solution that’s more robust than the generic CCD/tw0-bone IK provided out of the box by most engines, and which also features constraints, the “elbow problem” which prompted Oculus and Valve to so vehemently recommend against true-first-person avatar bodies simply doesn’t exist, so the argument for floating hands crumbles.

For fans of floating hands rather than a tracked, full body avatar (why!?), they may come back as an option post release.

7 thoughts on “Floating Hands: Good Riddance

  1. Hey! Curious if you will be supporting sixense stem controllers, and htc vive controllers even though they didn’t send you a dev kit. Also glad to hear you are doing an IK system.


  2. I completely agree with this post, with proper full body IK we shouldn’t need floating hands. I never liked looking down and not seeing a body, etc. Impressed with your progress so far. Very much in line with some of my goals. Did you see the 4.12 Twitch Stream that previewed some of the physics animation features coming in 4.13? That’s something I’ve been waiting for. The end of pre-baked hit reactions and attacks that pass through the opponent like thin air.


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