Storyteller: Fireside Tales


storyteller-logoBrand New Trailer!

Download the New Beta
Storyteller - Fireside Tales 0.2 Beta

Storyteller – Fireside Tales 0.2 Beta


Storyteller: Fireside Tales is an immersive VR audiobook player.

Storyteller: Fireside Tales is an immersive VR audiobook player.




Video by BoredGamerUK:

New updated build with new models and improved textures, and Oculus 0.8 Runtime support.

Download Storyteller – Fireside Tales – Beta 2 Build (MediaFire) – Oculus Share version coming soon!

Keybinds/How to Use
F1/Enter/R – Reset HMD (for Oculus Rift)
Spacebar – Pause/Play current book
Numpad 0 – Create bookmark at current time. Note: This does not currently save per-book. So you could do weird things like make a bookmark that’s greater than duration of the audio. I don’t really need bug reports for this case – I know it’s there.
Right/Up Arrows – Cycle bookmarks. This will skip to the first bookmark, and so on, until it loops bookmarks.
TAB – Opens the floating books menu for selecting an audiobook. To use your own audiobooks, place a single-channel .OGG file in Content\Audiobooks named user_audio.ogg and select “User Supplied Audio” on the bottom right of the floating books menu.
F6 – Toggles SSAO – don’t use it if you have performance issues.
Escape – Exits the game



  • Updated all level objects with better versions with higher quality meshes and textures from new art packs I’ve purchased or found.
  • Updated all books, maps and scrolls with much higher quality art.
  • Added an animated book for the storyteller.
  • Added SSAO (toggle-able in game) and a mild bloom to make the fire look nicer.
  • Changed the audiobook loading to look within a nicer directory – Content/Audiobooks, rather than being stuffed in with the exe.
  • Removed problematic bundled audio (e.g. ones that had more than one voice, or sound effects etc.), replaced one.



Updates/New Features – Beta 1

  • Changed level layout significantly to put more interesting things into the near field (player now sits close to the storyteller).
  • Increased exp height fog.
  • Enhanced lighting greatly to give a lot more variation in color palette, for a brighter but still cave-like feel.
  • Added particle light to campfire.
  • Fixed menu system (hit Escape to bring up the menu).
  • Changed bookmark keybind to Numpad 0, and changed Enter and R to also reset HMD orientation/position (in addition to the normal F1).
  • Changed interact time on books to be 2.5s – many users were having issues at 4s. Look at a book to select.
  • Fixed many performance issues.


Updates/New Features – 0.3 Alpha

  • Got rid of tesselation on character.
  • Hid character until DK2 arrives for proper leaning/head rotation.
  • Revamped level with less meshes and better/faster geometry
  • Added distant birds
  • Added ambient morning sounds
  • Selecting a book  that is currently already playing will simply pause it now (this is an effect of the below fix).
  • Added batch files for selecting different UE4 options that might be useful for getting extra performance for Oculus Rift users.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that would cause weird behavior in the menu system when switching to a different book.


Updates/New Features – 0.2 Alpha

  • Added tesselation to the player body and head – I don’t know if this is really doing much since the model isn’t really set up for it, so let me know your feedback, as it’s a ~10-15 FPS hit over turning it off. I can also turn it down more, as it’s on pretty high right now.
  • Added some dripping effects for the puddles, as well as sounds. I tried to make the sounds for the drips low enough that they sound good but are not distracting.
  • Fog!
  • Reflection capture probes. These should make everything look a bit nicer and don’t cost much.

New Menu System

  • Instead of one large book, which had a convoluted method for determining what word was being looked at, I’ve switched to using an array of 9 books floating in front of the player.
  • Text his hidden by default – when you look, it appears and starts to (smoothly – I hated that ticking fade in the first build) fade to the activation/highlight color from the default color.
  • The activation time is now 4s. With the smoother fade between colors, I felt this time was also a nicer feel. Long enough to not accidentally activate something, but shorter than the 5s wait from before.
  • The logic and code behind how the timer for fading works, as well as for activating a book, is far cleaner and more efficient than before.
  • It’s overall a lot less buggy and feels much nicer to use.
Text shows up when looking at a book.

Text shows up when looking at a book.

A shot of the menu books when nothing is selected.

A shot of the menu books when nothing is selected.

Bug Fixes

Thanks to kind testers on Reddit, I was able to narrow down and quickly fix several issues related to running the game on the Rift.

  • Resolution was stuck at 1280×720, windowed. This is bad. This kills the Rift.
  • In addition, the build was a Shipping version, which means no console when pressing ~ (tilde key) in order to force it to a different resolution or fullscreen.
  • The build was using a .pak file, which, while it does result in a nice awesome small little package for your game, also makes it a pain to change settings in the (extensive) INI files.
  • An issue with the way the camera was setup was (unbeknownst to me, as I had not had the debug rendering enabled in a while) causing the raycasts for menu selection to be extremely strange, basically causing the beginning point to swing wildly up and down (it was parented to a bone and getting animation, d’oh).

10 thoughts on “Storyteller: Fireside Tales

  1. Dear Dungeon Survival Project,

    I’m Artemisa, volunteer for The Proto Awards – VR’s first awards show. Here’s a supercut of last year’s show, hosted by Thomas Middleditch from HBO’s Silicon Valley:

    We’re getting ready for our second annual show and are accepting submissions at:

    We’d love to have Storyteller – Fireside Tales and anything else you’ve got cooking, considered for an award. We hope to see your application!

    Best wishes,
    Artemisa Phillips


  2. Hey fellow vrfriends!! This game (I actually don’t know if I should call it a game) looks amazing but i was wondering if there is a way to get this to work on vive or if you know a vive game similar? I really want to use it to listen to a song of Ice and fire.


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