Optimizing Unreal Engine 4 asset cooking. CRC.

Pablo Zurita posts another in his series of excellent Unreal Engine 4 performance optimization articles.

Pablo Zurita's blog

As I was working on the GPU particle system on Unreal Engine 4, I had to build my own scene. The process of baking the raw assets to be properly consumed by the engine is called “cooking” in Unreal Engine 4’s lingo. I found myself cooking assets quiet often but one thing I noticed was that I found that the cooking process took a while to determine which assets needed to be cooked. The reason I found that was because I would try to cook the assets without actually saving my changes. While this may not seem like a big deal, it is especially annoying for me since I had a pretty bad experience working with the build system at Dreamworks R&D. The build system would take more than 3 minutes to determine that nothing had to be built, and I’m talking about code and not assets. So I decided to…

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