Last Night’s Progress

So my Razer Hydra arrived and I spent a little bit of time trying to set it up via Getnamo’s Razer Hydra plugin for UE4, which is awesome! I was able to quickly get it passing values into the game.

The problem lies in transforming the controller position from base-station-relative space to the game’s world space (or the character’s local/component space, even).

After toying with it for a bit I could get it to almost work, but for now I’m setting that aside until Mrob76u, author of the Ultima Underworld VR Remake can share his setup.

I got back to working on the base gameplay and made some decent progress.

Progress towards the gameplay video:

  • Health, damage, and death for the rats
  • Crushing/impact damage for the rats so that the player jumping onto them causes damage
  • Rats spawn a rat corpse item that the player can pickup (and eat), on death
  • Rats take damage from fire
  • Fixed a couple of misc. bugs
  • Fixed throwing force so that throwing a torch is satisfying

Here’s the list of remaining stuff to do from last time, some of which I’ll hopefully get to tonight.

  • Kick attack for the player
  • Two-handed pickup animation and code setup for the player (to throw barrels)
  • Creating a “flee” state for the AI, so that rats that have been attacking run away faster than the normal walk speed
  • Setting up flee mode so that cowardly/non-aggressive rats will skitter away when the player nears
  • Blood effects on damage for the rat attacks, and also when the rats are damaged
  • Hunger/starvation code and an eating AI for the rats.

2 thoughts on “Last Night’s Progress

  1. What i don’t understand, is, why working on a Razer Hydra support ?? This controller type isn’t available anymore for purchase since a longer time. And who knows, probably will never be produced anymore. Yes, you could buy it second-hand (still rare), but i don’t like used stuff and for sure not for a inappropriate price …


    • What you’re saying is right, except that a successor to the Hydra, Sixen’s STEM system, will use the same libraries. So supporting the Hydra will mean support for STEM later on.

      In addition to that, I’m planning on supporting many motion control inputs, so if you dislike one, I’m sure you’ll be happy with one of the other options.


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