Unreal Engine 4 Plugins Shoutout!

Big news and updates for the game will be coming soon, but for now I’m going to do a shoutout to some of my favorite Unreal Engine 4 plugins and their authors!

Speech Recognition

First up is a brand new plugin from forum user ShaneC – Speech Recognition

Driven by pocketsphinx (portable edition of speech recognition library, CMU Sphinx), this plugin allows you to take microphone input and a wordlist, and detect which words the user has said. Adds several blueprint nodes, which ShaneC was kind enough to demonstrate the usage for.



Dungeon Survival will be using this plugin for multiple systems, which I’ll be going over in a future update. For now, it’s a secret 😉

Ocean Simulation

Next up we’ve got another free community plugin, DotCam and TK-Master’s Ocean plugin. This is one of my favorites, having always been interested in ocean simulation and rendering.


The latest version features screen space reflections, and an infinite-system component for unbounded oceans. Already in use in Dungeon Survival and the new upcoming version of Storyteller.

Dungeon Generation

Dungeon Architect by Ali Akbar, the procedural dungeon creation tool you’ve always wanted.

For quite some time, Dungeon Survival was planned to feature only hand-crafted dungeon levels. This was before the scope of the game had increased to include an overland component, and towns and villagers to visit and interact with.

After some feedback from Reddit’s Roguelike subreddit, I decided that procedural generation of at least dungeon layouts was something I wanted to put in. I spent some time investigating and implementing methods of my own, but quickly abandoned them once forum user Ali Akbar showed off his amazing Dungeon Architect plugin.

That’s all for now, but I have big updates and news about Dungeon Survival on the way!

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