Plugin Spotlight: Sound Visualization in Packaged Builds

I’m sure many UE4 developers are aware of the neat Sound Visualization plugin that comes with the editor, which allows you to get frequency and spectrum information from a SoundWave.

Those who have tried to use the plugin for anything in their own projects will also know that the stock version does not support running outside the UE4 editor, which makes it rather useless for serious projects.

If you were to fix the in-editor-only problem, you’d quickly run into the issue that decompressing a SoundWave to use in the Sound Visualization plugin causes the entire sound to be decompressed – this can be bad with large sound files which decompress to multiple gigabytes of WAV sound data.

To that end, a while ago I had built an asynchronous multi-threaded sound decompression class which allows the user to pass in a portion of the sound to be decompressed, and returns only the decompressed sound for that portion.

Not having done anything with it for a while, I sent it over to Unreal Forums user eXi, who has packaged it all up with the Sound Visualization functions into its own plugin.

Check it out:

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