The Dungeon Lives

(This progress report is actually several days old, and represents where the project was at then. There has been additional work since then, which I’ll detail in another post.)

Since I started working on The Dungeon Survival Project in Unreal Engine 4, I have put in:

* Gathering assets I can use to prototype, mostly free with some packs like the Beggar and the fantasy props thrown in, and some dungeon piece packs.

* Basic inventory (networked), customized to drop the item from your hand, including system for showing the item in your hand when it’s picked up (update: this is now fully working, item is picked up and dropped from/to hand, ). Using the items, especially food, to recover the ever-ticking down hunger, also done!

* Basic hunger system, with framework for WIP thirst system. Hunger has a meter, then goes into starvation. After starvation hits 0 it starts ticking damage on the player. (Lots of plans for additional gameplay for this, still WIP).

* True first person

* Beggar character model with animations (I exported the animations, clipped some to create new ones, and learned the animation system in the process) to replace the default guy 

* Torch with fire effects and light source (with life-size-ish flame)

* My own animation (I’m not an artist) that makes it so the character holds the torch out, which blends with the walk/jump/idle etc, and ensures the fire effect doesn’t block the player view.

* Preliminary IK setup (needs to have a PHaT asset created for the character to work well), brushed up on PHaT a little bit.

* Imported about 100 of the props from a pack I have into the engine and hooked up materials for them

* Early physics door (bump into it to make it swing open) with a neat little door asset.

* Been working on hooking up the dungeon rooms and hallways I’m going to use, hooked up materials and collision for many of these.


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