Announcing Storyteller: Fireside Tales

Work on Dungeon Survival hasn’t stopped, though I have been taking a bit of a break before I power on into the next development sprint. Right now the project is in a state halfway between prototype gameplay features and more concretely implemented ones, and will require quite a bit of not-so-fun rewriting work to integrate those features that are still in the prototype stage.

During my break, in addition to playing a lot of Mass Effect 3 (never finished it) I’ve also quickly whipped up a demo for an idea I had while listening to an audiobook in the dark while dozing off for a nap.

Storyteller: Fireside Tales

Storyteller is an immersive VR audiobook player. Load up an audiobook (.ogg format only for now) and it will play as if the narrator character were reading to you.

Teaser Screenshot for Storyteller: Fireside Tales

Teaser Screenshot for Storyteller: Fireside Tales

Storyteller will be released with the first environment, Fireside Tales (a hermit’s cave dwelling) sometime this week (with DK1/DK2 support).

The fully-functional demo version, including several public domain audiobooks (H. P. Lovecraft mostly) will be completely free.

For future versions with updated features (multiplayer w/ positional voice chat through Mumble, .mp3 support etc.) and environments will likely be an inexpensive commercial release ($5-10 – with all future updates/environments for free with purchase).

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