[UPDATE] Storyteller Test Alpha is Live! – New build is being uploaded now

New build is being uploaded now, as there was a major showstopper problem (configuration issue) as well as an annoying bug (menu items would only activate after looking at them once, then looking away, and back if you had used the menu and already activated something).

These issues are now fixed from what I can tell (hard to say with the Rift without having my DK2 to test with – it now runs at 1080p, so at least there’s that). 

I’ve also included Teddy0k’s Scalability Launcher as I seem to get weird performance sometimes with this build when looking at the player’s chopped-off neck (in a newer build I will make it so it limits that for non-Rift users, if there are any hehe). 


I finally have a build packaged and ready. Here’s a bit of an update about why it wasn’t done yesterday:

It took considerably longer than I’d hoped to get a build (I was anticipating yesterday shortly after work). Part of that was finishing up a few remaining issues, adding reverb (it sounds neat! if anyone knows about audio and is willing to help me customize the settings, please let me know), and lots of testing.

The other part of it was me being dense and trying to minimize the assets in the build, pretty much unnecessarily because UE4 handles that when packaging.

Finally, I ran into some goofy issues with the packaging that was causing it to fail (I’m going to be making a blog post with UE4 packaging tips soon).

But after working on it from the time I got home at 5PM to when I finally slogged off to bed at 3AM, the packaged build works.

One thing I’m not sure of is how the resolution will work out – I tried to get it to automatically set to 1920×1080, but it seems like it’s getting some other res from somewhere.

Please let me know if you’re unable to run it at native res so I can get a new build up.

App Link – Storyteller: Fireside Tales ALPHA  – See update above! New build going up soon.

I’m putting this down here rather than with the other links because I want to note that this is mostly untested, especially with the Rift. I don’t have a DK1 and my DK2 order has not arrived.

That said, it should be compatible with Direct to Rift, and is built against the 0.4.1 SDK. I don’t know if timewarp will work out of the box.

I plan to provide a build with the console enabled and without all the config files in a .pak later on today, which will hopefully help testing.

Thanks for your patience everyone, and helping to test! I hope you like it.



  • F1 – Reset HMD (I don’t know if this works)
  • Spacebar – Pause/Play current book (I think it might not default to anything, so if nothing happens when you press Spacebar, select a book on the menu first).
  • Enter – Create bookmark at current time. Note: This does not currently save per-book. So you could do weird things like make a bookmark that’s greater than duration of the audio. I don’t really need bug reports for this case – I know it’s there but can’t fix it until I get home today.
  • Right/Up Arrows – Cycle bookmarks. This will skip to the first bookmark, and so on, until it loops bookmarks.
  • Escape – Opens or closes the menu-book (you can exit from the menu, just hover over the Exit text).

To use the menu, just look at one of the titles or the Close or Exit buttons (Close closes the menu-book, Exit closes the program down completely).

It takes 5s to select an item on the menu book (I’ll be tweaking this). The text will change colors each second to indicate this.

Once an item has been selected in that way, if it’s an audiobook title, it will start playing and the menu-book will close.

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