VR Dev Entry 13: UE4 Console Commands List

UE4 Console Commands!

Cymatic Software

Hey Rifters,

Its time to get Unreal, again. Unreal Engine 4 now has an absurdly awesome subscription plan, 20 bucks a month for full access to the engine – including source code. So far, VR compatibility is built in, the Rift is detected automatically when the game is full screen. Nuts.

A couple of useful things about UE4 in my short term playing around with it:

Are you having issues packaging your project for Windows? Perhaps getting an error like

MainFrameActions: Packaging (Windows): RunUAT.bat ERROR: AutomationTool was unable to run successfully. MainFrameActions: Packaging (Windows): BUILD FAILED

Looks like you need to install Visual Studio first:

  • Download and install Visual Studio Express 2013 from here
  • Close and restart UE4
  • Open and Build Project
  • Package Project for Windows

Also, support has not yet listed all the console commands for UE4. You can get them by making your Output Log visible (Window>Output…

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