Update: Left4Dead2 Style Wounds for Unreal Engine 4

Quick update to my L4D2 style wound implementation for Unreal Engine 4 – I’ve managed to get the wound hit point to follow the animation properly for characters. This was the main thing holding me up from continuing work on this system (namely, extending it to use a capsule instead of a sphere).

An example download is available here: https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?90474-WIP-Dynamic-Left-4-Dead-2-Style-Wounds-Dismemberment

For those that want to incorporate the new changes I’ve made, here are two screenshots showing the main pieces of code you need to implement (and the modified code for determining the sphere location).

First is in the character blueprint – this is showing the new way to transform the socket location into skeletal-mesh-relative-coordinate-space (that’s a mouthful):

Next up is the material itself. First set your Material domain to Masked, then replicate the part that plugs into Opacity Mask:



2 thoughts on “Update: Left4Dead2 Style Wounds for Unreal Engine 4

  1. Hello! I know this is several years later…
    But this is very cool and I’m trying to follow along to create a similar effect.
    I noticed you are using a custom shader node – what is happening in there? Can you share the hlsl?
    Also, does this rely on tweaks to the engine (as I noticed you doing in your Unreal thread on the topic)? If so, is it now alleviated by the new Pre-Skinning Local Position node? Thanks! Very cool work.


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