New Version (0.8 Oculus Runtime!) of Storyteller Coming Soon

A new update is coming soon to Storyteller, mainly to port up to Unreal Engine 4.10 and the 0.8 Oculus Runtime, as Storyteller hasn’t been compatible for some time now being on the old 0.5 Runtime.

In addition to that there are some changes to the level, and some performance improvements:

  • Added all cave rocks to Static Mesh Instances, almost doubled FPS.
  • Updated all level objects with better versions with higher quality meshes and textures from new art packs I’ve purchased or found.
  • Updated all books, maps and scrolls with much higher quality art.
  • Added an animated book for the storyteller.
  • Added SSAO (toggle-able in game) and a mild bloom to make the fire look nicer.
  • Changed the audiobook loading to look within a nicer directory – Content/Audiobooks, rather than being stuffed in with the exe.
  • Removed problematic bundled audio (e.g. ones that had more than one voice, or sound effects etc.), replaced one.

I will be updating the actual narrator with a higher quality character mesh, as well as multiple narrators to choose from, and more levels, but that’s coming a bit later on, as my main focus is still on Dungeon Survival.


Dungeon Survival on Unreal Engine 4.10/Oculus 0.8 Runtime

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